Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Advent day 1

Each morning, I try to wake an hour or so before the kids and have some quiet time to pause, reflect on yesterday, plan today, to write, and just be still.  I am so grateful for this short period of time I gift myself.  Some days it is the only quiet time I have, alone, and it helps me get through the day.  

It is dark outside right now and almost 7:00.  I feel for my husband who leaves for work early and comes home after dark.  I cannot imagine not seeing the sun each day, but that is just how this season goes.  

Today is December 1st, and for my family it is the first day we celebrate of Advent.  Normally we listen to these wonderful Advent stories by Sparkle Stories, but since we have listened to the same ones for two years, Jujubee has requested we do something different.  I can’t blame her, but I did love that little pause at the end of the day where even I could listen to a story, instead of being the host.  

So, this year, I am trying something different.  I have dug a basket out of the boxes still in the basement and decided to put a note, activity, book, movie, etc in it each day for the kids to find.  Today, they will find our Advent spiral and candles.  They will build it on our plant window and we will light a candle for each day as we progress through Advent.  Now, I just need to plan the other 23 days…

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