Thursday, November 26, 2015

Full days

A lot goes on in a day, even if it feels like nothing got accomplished.   We are enjoying a more relaxed feel to our days, and also having more of a rhythm than we did during the moving.  Here are a few things I get to enjoy as I do my daily tasks.  

Kaybug doing a good job imitating her sisters, and following me around so I can be her audience. 

Jujubee received this loom for Christmas last year.  She finally finished it yesterday!  Now to move on to prettier yarn!  

Cocobear found the hypotrochoid (spirograph)
 set in our game closet.  We got it for a long car trip/vacation and it has been a lot of fun.

Our newest addition, Miss Kitty, follows me around the yard.  Especially when I'm inside the chicken coop.  

Oh Fluffy, how very un-fluffy you are right now.  Hopefully this molt is over soon.  It is getting cold!!

Such sweet, full days that go so fast.

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