Wednesday, November 4, 2015

2015/2016 homeschool planner

I had good intentions for this year.  Could it really be November already?  I am happy to say I did, at least, get a new planner created.  I had so much fun with the woodland design and am so thankful to Harper Finch for allowing me to use her adorable designs in the planner.

This planner was both fun, and challenging for me.  Once I got going, it was a blast and all came together so well!  The challenge was deciding what to improve from the last version, and choosing a format.  My downfall, I think, was too many options!  I am one who want to please everyone, so I made several formats available.  However, it seemed to be overwhelming to my wonderful customers, and I have to agree.  I didn't have a way to really explain the differences in the planners, so everyone just thought "which one do I need?!"  I also noticed that many of you preferred last years version - the spiral watercolor.  I am unsure if it was because of the wonderful watercolor images, or the format.  (Feedback welcome!!)  I did keep aspects of the previous version and designed it with Waldorf and Oak Meadow homeschooling in mind once again.  (Though I didn't label them as specifically - some thought it was a little too restricting)

As for my good intentions, well, I have big plans every year!  I had planned to get a student planner out, as well as an A5 format for those of you who prefer a smaller planner.  I did make this planner less seasonally inspired so I wouldn't exclude anyone in the Southern Hemisphere.  And of course, I somehow let a mistake or two slip past me.  It is such an embarrassing thing to have happen.  I am thankful to those of you who pointed it out with grace and understand that I am human.  As of right now, I am still just a one-woman show and had quite a bit going on this summer during the planner creation.

Don't forget, you can still get them in my Etsy shop in both PDF files as well as a printed and bound version!

So, what are your thoughts?  Did you like the new planner?  Prefer the spiral watercolor?  Which format do you prefer?  Or... what do you wish it would have instead!?

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