Thursday, November 5, 2015


In August of 2014 we listed our house for sale.  My husband and I had the house built for us in 2002 and we enjoyed nearly 13 years there starting a family and raising our babies.  We have been dreaming for a few years now that we would like more land for the kids to roam, and maybe even have some animals.  Restrictions, and other incidents I won't get into gave us our push and we listed our house.  Over 6 months after we listed it, we accepted an offer.  We closed in April and moved out on May 3rd.

When we sold our house, my husbands boss took him aside and let him know the shop he was working in would be closing but didn't have a specific time frame.  Talk about devastating.  We just sold our house, didn't have another in mind, and were living in my parents 2 bedroom house temporarily (while they stayed at their campground resort in Indiana).  They let him know that they really valued him as an employee, and would like him to relocate to their new Indiana location.  So, our new options were stay in Ohio and not have a job in the near future, or move to Indiana.

Can I tell you how hard it is to shop for houses when you aren't in the same state?  Thankfully it was only a 2-2.5 hour drive, but that is 4-5 hours of driving time in a day.  We have 3 kids (who do not do well for long trips!).  Challenging is a good word to describe life this past year!  It took us several trips, many MANY house showings, and 6 months to find a house, close on it, and move in.  September 11th, we closed on our new home, and our belongings arrived on the 18th.

For a long time, I have been a believer that things happen when they should happen.  Not a minute before.  If our home had sold any earlier, his boss wouldn't yet have known our shop was closing, and we would have purchased a new home in Ohio - only to be out of a job months later.  If we had found a home immediately following selling our house, my husband would have been commuting between Ohio and Indiana for months.  And, if we had bought just any house, we wouldn't have found a home that fits us perfectly on just under 5 acres.  I'll take you on a tour in another post.  ;)

So, my apologies for not getting as much accomplished with the planners this year as I had hoped!  It has been quite a ride!  This week is the last week my husband will be commuting and he will finally be HOME for good!  I am so grateful for everything that has fallen into place for us.  We are excited to make new memories with our girls in our new home - and to plan out what that 4 acre back yard means for us!

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