Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Starting a farm

Starting a farm… is that what we are doing?  For so long we have dreamed about our new home and what kind of adventures it may bring.  Now that our house on land is a reality, I am bursting with excitement and trying to focus on what we need to do first.  

The house and land are pretty much blank slates.  Outside, a large, open field that was previously farmed by a neighbor.  It isn’t a ton of land, just four acres, but plenty to start with.  There is a lot of pretty landscaping (we won’t know exactly what we have until spring, as it was a tad overgrown!), a few trees, and, so far, good neighbors. 

Inside, mostly white walls and open spaces.  It is a little bit dated, but not much (and I happen to like oak).  The carpet… well, there isn’t much we can do about that right now.  It is in like-new condition and I can’t feel good about tearing it out just yet.  Thankfully it hasn’t clashed *too much* with our current style and I’m quite alright with making due with what we have.  Wood floors are something we are dreaming of, after finally putting them in our last house.  A lot of paint, our furniture and decor, and it really feels like home now!  

The outside is where my wheels are turning.  We already have 5 chickens that we brought with us.  Hopefully all of our Buff Orpington, Lucy’s broodiness will work out in the spring and we can hatch a few chicks.  (Fingers crossed they aren’t all roosters!)  We are also beginning plans for a nice big garden.  Behind that, we will likely allow our neighbor to harvest another year until we can build our barn.  Eventually I would love fruit trees, berry bushes, herbs, and enough space to grow some of our own hay/feed.  

A barn is an expensive item, and not one we can afford immediately.  We have an attached garage but no outside storage whatsoever, not even a shed.  I am thankful we at least have the garage, that is where all of our lawn, garden, tools, etc are stored currently.  However, I would prefer to use the garage for - of all things - our cars.  Not to mention, I don’t think goats in the garage would be a great idea.  

We aren’t positive on the goats. Not yet.  But we are reading, researching, studying, talking.  Though making a little side money is certainly a benefit, we are most interested right now in becoming more self sufficient.  Our garden will help tremendously, the chickens are great little egg layers and compost makers.  The next logical step for us, is goats.  Milk, cheese, cream, yogurt, etc.  Goats are a lot of work though.  They have to be milked and fed twice a day, drink lots of water, let out to pasture, their stalls need mucked out, and so much more.  Thankfully I have 3 little helpers and an awesome husband, but I know much of the work will land on me.  I still have some thinking to do.

The possibilities are endless, and I am enjoying thinking of as many as I can.  

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