Wednesday, November 25, 2015

My Little Planner

People often comment on how much my oldest, Jujubee, looks like me.  Though she is tall and thin like her father, she has tan skin, brown hair, and brown eyes like me.  Even more than looks, she is much like me in personality.  Quiet, shy, very timid, embarrasses easily, is quite emotional, and...
LOVES to plan.  

This was her desk when I went in to her room to find her.  Her current book (Magic Tree House - Thanksgiving on Thursday), planner, spelling list, scissors, and lots of colored pens.  (And that adorable mushroom fairy artwork?  My friend Paige painted it.  Isn't it adorable?)

She color codes the subjects like I do.  

I gave her one of the planners I make for this school year, and she was so excited I thought she might cry.  She immediately broke out her pens, her syllabus, and her dry erase board.  Also like me, she has to plan before she can plan.  Don't want to mess up your pretty planner!  

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