Monday, December 7, 2015

It's just "temporary"

We brought our chickens home in late October, and - against my better judgement - went ahead and used our previous run. "Temporarily" of course. Just until we get the new run up!  

Well, it is December 7th and the ladies have turned everything that was once green into a lovely shade of brown. They are also restless and tired of their 18'x6' accommodations. Unfortunately we do not feel safe free ranging them here for a couple reasons. First, there aren't any trees near the run, and I feel like they would be huge prey to the many predators. Second, I have seen several stray cats and dogs around. My neighbors dog also is incredibly smart and climbs his fence. I don't know if he would hurt the chickens but I'm not willing to take that chance. 

So, what is a crazy chicken momma to do?  Install yet another "temporary" thing, obviously!  I was desperate the other day and used garden fabric and clamps. It worked okay for that day, but wasn't something I could use often. 
Saturday I ran to Lowe's and picked up 100' of lovely construction fencing and 4 t-posts. Voila!  Instant run!  It is not predator proof, and I will only let them out when I am right there, but the ladies sure were happy with their extended buffet!!
Of course, this is only temporary... 😉

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