Thursday, December 10, 2015

Advent days 4-10

I decided a post a day for advent may be boring, so I'm consolidating!  
Day 4 was going to be an art project, but these awesome boxes from Lowe's arrived so we altered our plans and enjoyed them instead. 
On day 5, we went to see Santa arrive via helicopter and then watched the parade. Here he stopped to take a picture with the girls!  So exciting!
Saint Nick came on the 6th day. Here are the girls in their new mommy-made pj pants. We also put our tree up. 
The 7th, we made paper snowflakes, and they are now decorating the entire house...
Day 8, I'm going to have to come back to because I can't remember!  
Day 9 was family game night 
And today, day 10, the girls will be putting on a "fashion show" which is one of their favorite things to do!  

Trying to come up with something every day is hard!  But the girls love it so much, so I don't mind. 😊

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