Monday, August 29, 2011

Our first day

First day jitters... I think I was more excited last night than they were!  Anticipation of how today would go, wondering if we'd throw in the towel before our second subject...  ;)  Thankfully, our first day went wonderfully!

The girls were dressed before I could even tell them to do their chores, and ate their oatmeal, blueberries and yogurt quickly.  Jujubee was so excited she kept telling me she couldn't wait another hour until school started.  However, mommy has more morning chores than they do, so we didn't start until 9:00.

We sang the morning song, said the pledge, and read a story at Coco Bear's level, and then the girls sat at their desks.  They love having it set up as our education room.  I'm sure we will gravitate toward other rooms too, but we are very fortunate to have a room where we can keep everything.

Jujubee worked hard, and we had a lot of fun getting through our morning classes.  I have them set up as workboxes, where everything for a specific subject is in a box.  That way she just has to pull the box out, we work on that subject, and when we're done with it, we put it away and pull a new box.  

When she got to her science workbox, her to-do sheet said "get your shoes and backpack on."  It also had her backpack in it, with her science materials in it.  So we went to the park, did our science, drew in our nature journals, and waited for her surprise to come.  I had called her Grandparents to come have lunch with us.  Grandpa took them for a walk down the (currently dry) creek.

I also took this opportunity to have Grandma and Grandpa fill out some information for Jujubee's "My family history" project.  :)

We couldn't have had better weather.  The day was gorgeous!  After lunch, everyone was tired, so we went home for a nap.  Jujubee read to me, and wrote in her reading journal.  Then we were done for the day until daddy read Stuart Little as part of literature before bed.  I love that he gets to be a part of our "school day".  

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