Friday, August 26, 2011

It's almost time!

Our "homeschool journey" will officially start on Monday.  I have planned for this for months, agonizing over curriculum, purchasing curriculum, gathering books and supplies, organizing our supplies, our room, planning our days.  Monday, it will all be put into action.  We are all excited, Jujubee is antsy and wishes we could start (several days ago).  I am also very worried.

What is there to be worried about?  I've planned, prepared, planned some more.  But what if I fail?  This is their education, their future!  I have to do it right...  right?

Lately, I have met some amazing moms, both online and in my personal life.  They have taught me many things, but most importantly, that there is no "right" way.  That is the beauty of homeschool!  The only "right way" is the way that works for us.  So if something isn't working out, we have the opportunity to change it!  Not so in public school, or private even.  They have a curriculum, and that is it for the rest of the year.  Wether it works for you, or not.  No matter if you understand, or you click with your teacher, your class is moving on.  But with homeschooling, you have choices!  So many choices!

I've often had the thought cross my mind that the curriculum I have chosen or created will not work for us.  Well, guess what?  If it doesn't work, we will change it!  We can buy a new one, sell our old one, or we will adjust it to fit our needs.  It's that simple!  And if that doesn't work, we can ask for help.  There are so many wonderful resources available to homeschooling families.  We do not need to feel alone in this journey.

To all my fellow homeschooling families, I wish you peace on your journey this year.  Take heart in knowing you are doing what is right for you, and your family - no matter what choice you make.

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