Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Sprouting seeds and making fodder for the chickens

Day 1, sunflower seeds soaking for 12 hours. 600 ml was too much, 400 looks like not enough, so I will try 500 next time.

Day 2, put in shoebox with holes, watering several times a day and keeping in a warm spot. Cover with light towel to retain moisture. 

They did not like being in that window, too cold. So I moved them to my bathroom counter. It stays warmer in there because there are so many vents in a small area. 

Day 3, still soaking multiple times a day, using warm water. Finally starting to sprout from the shells
I also added corn for the 3rd batch. (This photo is on day 4 though, the corns second day. 

Day 4, still watering several times a day with warm water. Sprouting more. I'm not sure the corn will do anything, we got it from a neighbors farm. It is feed corn. 
I added whole oats as batch 4

Day 5, I will be adding another batch of oats today. The sunflowers are doing ok, just slow. No change in corn yet so I am soaking them longer instead of a short soak/rinse.

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