Tuesday, January 19, 2016

In my (window) garden

It's winter, and it is very cold. I planted my garlic in early December but that is all that is going on outside. The desire to grow was just too strong though, so we grew some things inside just for fun. 

Left to right - navy beans, basil, celery

The navy bean plant started as an experiment for Jujubee's science. When the bean started growing, we just couldn't kill it so we decided to just let it be. We were not expecting beans to actually grow because it's inside. Don't beans need pollinators?  Maybe I should look into that because this is what they look like right now. 

It only has 3 pods on the whole plant, but we were excited about its success.   

The basil, I planted a couple weeks ago and put it in my plant window. Nothing happened. Miss Kitty thought it would make a nice litter box - but I caught her in time. To keep her out, and see if I could help the little seeds, I cut the bottom of a milk jug off and placed it on top. One day later, and little leaves are popping up! You can kind of see them here. 

While scrolling through Pinterest one day, I saw something about regrowing food from your kitchen scraps. We had celery in our pot roast a week or so ago, so I figured why not try it?  Today, I can tell the little celery plant is starting to come up!  Look at me and my green thumb. I'm so proud. 

I also have an aloe plant in our plant window. That plant is a trooper. It's been from our old house, to my moms, to this house and has hung on for several years. Totally neglected most of the time. I love plants that can tolerate my neglect. At this point, I'm afraid to show it more care because I'll probably kill it if I do, but I think it could really use a bigger pot.

So, that's what is growing in my (window) garden. Do you have anything growing?  Are you planning your garden?

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