Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Changing up poetry tea time

We really enjoyed our poetry tea time last week, the girls couldn't wait for this week!  With Halloween, we decided to take our poems from the book Halloween Stories and Poems.  Some of the stories and poems were a little too scary, so I made sure to read through them before reciting.

This was a fun poem called "I'm Skeleton", where the skeleton talks about how he scares everyone, but then a dog comes and he has to run away so the dog doesn't take one of his bones.  The girls thought it was funny.

Normally for poetry tea time, we just have snacks and tea while listening, but this week I wanted to add in some art time.  The girls were free to paint whatever they wanted with watercolors (we love these  stockmar ones and these by Roseart, we do not like these Crayola ones, but do use them.  The colors are so muted).

Sometimes it is more fun to just experiment than have a specific theme or goal in mind for art.  I haven't decided if we will continue to incorporate art time with our poetry and tea.  We may just do whatever fits for that week and what we have time for.  

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