Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Poetry Tea Time

The girls love any reason to have a tea party, so they were quite excited to begin poetry tea time on Friday.  Poetry tea time is something I first heard about from Julie Bogart, the owner of Brave Writer. During this time, you create an inviting table (as simple or fancy as you choose!), have a couple snacks, tea (or drink) of your choice, and a few good poetry books.  

This weeks poems were taken from:
and a very old copy of Best Loved Nursery Rhymes and Songs

The Poems we read were:
The Cupboard by Walder de la Mare (FPO&N)
Young Night-Thought by Robert Louis Stevenson (CGoV)
Old Mother Hubbard (BLNR&S)

We had pumpkin oat chocolate chip cookies, and echinacea tea.  The girls absolutely loved it and requested that we do it again this Friday, so I am going to try to make it a weekly thing.  I love many things about the "Brave Writer Lifestyle", and this is one of many I would like to begin incorporating in our homeschool.  You can read more about Poetry tea time in the book "Poetry Tea Time Companion" by Julie Bogart, and on Julie's website Brave Writer.

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