Thursday, October 27, 2016

Halloween Costumes, through the years

I think it is so fun to look back at what the girls were for Halloween each year.  There are times they request to be the same thing as a previous year, and that's okay, but I do encourage a little creativity.

Kaybug's first year, she was baby Carrie from Little House on the Prairie, and her sisters were Mary and Laura.  It may be my favorite year so far!

Gah!  How adorable was she?  She was about 4 months old in this picture.

Kay's second Halloween, she was an owl.  Cute, right?

Coco was Lalaloopsy and Juju was her first scary costume - Dracula.

On her third Halloween, Kay was a chicken, by her own choosing.   I couldn't help but allow it.  Sorry for the blurry picture.

I added a white boa to her costume to add fluffiness.  

J & C were Native Americans, because they were studying them in Social Studies and wanted to dress like them.  I can't find my pic of C, oops!  

Last year Coco was a cowgirl sheriff, Jujubee was Harry Potter (don't comment on my horrible costume making skills.  It was last minute!) and Kay was a princess.  This may have been their first time ever having cotton candy.  

And this year, they all wanted to be from a book.  C was Mary Poppins, J was Hermione, and K was Carrie from Little House again.  

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