Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Our first goats

In Indiana it is illegal to purchase raw milk for human consumption. You can, however, purchase it for "pet consumption". Standard store bought milk has enough issues that I no longer want to buy it. So what is a girl to do?
Well, I could buy a herd share and get my raw milk that way. But that would be too easy!  
So, we bought some goats. Meet Aurora and Millie. (Millie's tail is green from where her previous owner tattooed her. It is required for registered goats)
Aurora is 50% Nubian and 50% Lamancha with good milking lines. She is 1 year old and Millie is her first baby. 
Millie is almost a month old, and is 75% Nubian 25% Lamancha. And adorable. For a dam raised baby, she acts like a bottle baby. Normally when a goat is dam raised, they aren't real interested in humans and are skittish. We are doing our best to spend a lot of time moving on her so she doesn't get that way. As of now, she is quite interested in humans and will pounce me like she does her mama. It's hard to discipline her because it's kind of adorable. But we have to. *sigh*  I know it won't be so adorable when she is 80+ pounds. 
So far, they are adapting well to their new home. The first couple days, Aurora would bleat a lot - I am assuming she was calling for her friends and her momma, who use had never been away from. Broke my heart. 
Right now, I'm thankful Millie is milking her for me, because that is not going quite as well. More on that in another post!!

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