Sunday, January 5, 2014

School Rhythm

     Getting a good School Rhythm is high on my priority list for my New Beginning challenge to myself.  When I have a good school rhythm, it helps our entire day.  Lucky for me, our first school block for January is a math block focusing on time/calendar/rhythm.  I'm going to take advantage of this and really focus on our weekly rhythm, and teach Jujubee about daily rhythms.

     Another reason I feel this is important, is because we decided to pull Cocobear from her playschool, so she will need more activities to keep her happy and allow me to do lessons with Jujubee.

Cocobear at her Christmas program with her class.  She is second from the right in the top row. 

     I had a nice chat with Melisa at Waldorf Essentials, and she helped me realize that in order for us to have a good rhythm, I really need to work on my sleep.  Kaybug has been bedsharing or cosleeping with me for the past 18 months, and she wakes a lot.  So we are working on getting her into her own bed and me getting more sleep.  While working on that, I am working on making sure we bring our school rhythm back.

Our January Rhythm

Wake up
Morning chores
Prepare and eat breakfast, clean up
Gather for circle time
Main Lesson
Free play (if time)
Naps for the younger two, handwork or reading for Jujubee and I.  (or dinner prep if needed)
Afternoon Lesson
Free play
Prepare and eat dinner, clean up
Free play
Bedtime routine (bath, pjs, teeth, tea, story, prayers, sleep)

     I am working on having at least two weeks planned in my Homeschool Planner at a time, and continuing to plan in my free time.

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