Monday, September 16, 2013

First day of school 2013

Our first day of school was September 16th.  Jujubee is 8 and in third grade (Waldorf 2), Cocobear is 4 and considered "preschool".

The gnomes joined us for our first day.  

Our art center and nature corner

I put our work for the week in these boxes so I have all the supplies ready to go.  They are labeled by day.   The two large boxes are for overflow, or any extra items.

Not much on our nature table yet. Our seashells from vacation, and pine cones from Mamaw's house.

I realized the night before we didn't have a calendar.  So, I made my own!

Our form of the week

Jujubee decorating her main lesson book cover pages.

Kaybug likes homeschool, too!

Cocobear checking out her hints for story time (We read the sheep and the pig)

Jujubee walking her form

Overall, the first day was fantastic.  Pretty surprising considering we just got back from vacation the day before!  But since we were already starting later than usual, I didn't want to waste any more time.  The year is looking good!

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