Thursday, March 14, 2013

Eating clean

Something I have been trying to do, and failing at, is "eating clean" or "whole".  This means you only eat foods that are not processed/refined and have only whole ingredients.  So no white flour, sugar, etc. Let me tell you, for a processed food lover (I couldn't love any food more than pasta and donuts), it is not easy.

Well, my family is worth it and I think all the processed food that we are eating (even though we are definitely eating less of it!) is really affecting CocoBear.  She is such an active, energetic, outgoing little girl.  But she can also be a handful and the disobedience is starting to make me wonder if it isn't food/environment related.  

My plan is to spend the next couple days making a menu and a list of foods that are clean.  Then, going through my pantry for a grocery list and elimination of all the stuff that is processed.  This is the hard part.  Getting rid of food we payed for.  But if I try to wait until we eat it all, I will just buy more, and the cycle goes on and on.  I once tried putting it in a rubbermaid container in the basement telling myself that I would throw it away once we had been "clean" for so long.  

It made it's way back.  I know, I'm awful.  

So, here we go, wish me luck!  Off to google clean eating recipes.  ;)

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