Friday, August 15, 2014

The decision to sell

We built this house in May of 2002, in preparation of our marriage that coming September.  Twelve years have passed, and this house has truly been our home.  It has been loved, and cared for, and we are rather sad to move on.  It is where we have brought each of our three girls home from the hospital and is the only home they have ever known.  Their friends are here, and my family is down the road.  It really is a sweet little house.

However, several events have helped us make our decision to move, as hard as it was.  We had to move our chickens to my parents home, and it has been a bit of a pain to drive over there every other day or every third day and still get our school work done.  I don't feel like we take care of them as well as we would if they were with us, and that makes me sad.

Also, we have always had it in our minds that one day, we would sell and move to a house on some land.  (Silly young version of us thought we would be here 5 years - 7 max!  ha!)  So that is what we are trying to do.  We got our house ready and have listed it for sale.

Wish us luck!  Tips welcome ;) 

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